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College & Career

Strategy Coach

College and Career options are expanding as new fields arise yearly and technology advances daily. The greatest challenge facing students and their parents is selecting a path that aligns with goals and aptitude and doesn't leave them in debt, discouraged and/or unsatisfied with their choice.. We have the strategy tailored to you or your student.

Male Student
High School Strategy

High schools are not all the same. One of the most evident differences is career readiness even within the private school industry. The first question is what do you and your child hope to achieve? Knowledge, job placement, expedited time frame, college acceptance, etc. Once we establish goals together, centered around the educational and professional experience level desired at graduation, we can execute a truly success orientated high school education. 

Female Student
College Strategy

In the most simplistic way said "college is a business". For those who select to enhance their career strategy with a college degree, certificate or achievement we are here to make certain your money is well spent. With growing tuition, undeserving degrees, and limited networking there are a mountain of challenges that can lead you or your child off course. Whether you are just getting started or nearing the end, we can help right the course saving the most valuable asset, time. We recommend starting college strategic planning as soon as affordable.

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Career Strategy

Achieving a purposeful career that meets your personal and professional aspirations is one of the essential components to success. Whether you are entering your career directly from high school or college, we have the solutions to get you kick started. Do you have a specific industry in mind? Want to start a business immediately? Or is your goal geared more toward income levels? No matter the answers, we have the strategies. 

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