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Early College &

P-TECH Consulting

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Four Year Plan Development

Whether Early College or the P-Tech model, developing a four year plan is essential to ensuring student success. With educational grants and evolving industry requirements, Stacer Group is here to assist in the development of an effective four year educational plan that includes all benchmarks and milestones as well as student forward activities: field trips, career fairs, college visits, certifications, curriculum, coursework, networking and even virtual activities. 

Office Meeting
MOU Execution & Business Partnerships

Developing and maintaining working relationships with industry leaders can be a challenge in the education sector. Both sides have a common goal, Stacer Group is committed to bringing the two sides together. Whether your district needs to secure contracts or have industry participation for career events we work to prioritize these relationships.

Office Conversation
Summer Bridge Curriculum

Curriculum specifically written to ensure industry based learning and college coursework readiness are the prime objectives of an effective summer bridge program. We specialize in a multitude of curriculum areas.

Data Reviewing
Industry Certifications & Work Based Learning

Industry Certifications and Work Based Learning are essential to communicate a students knowledge and skills, as well as supplementing a core education. Stacer Group evaluates and ensures the most valuable certifications are selected that effectively align with the students curriculum.

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